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The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas!


The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas! You might be wondering why a realtor would be writing a blog post about an NFL team, but trust me there is a very good reason why you are reading this. An NFL team coming into Las Vegas is a major for the real estate market! If you are thinking of a time to invest in Las Vegas’ real estate , now is the perfect time. To be able to put your property on home rental websites is a great opportunity. You might be thinking, well Las Vegas already has a lot of entertainment and that has not made me want to invest in the market. This is different though! Not only does Las Vegas have an NFL team coming, but an NHL team is coming as well. This will bring thousands of fans rushing in. They get to see a team have a chance to win and enjoy the pleasures of Las Vegas. Also with sports comes super bowls, play offs, Stanley Cup Playoffs, and throw in the UFC fights that happen in Vegas and you are set for some profit. Especially with this day and age that is turning away from hotels and staying at people’s houses. There are seventy- five people who each made one million dollars from airbnb in 2016, just by being hostess. (According to forbes magazine) That is insane! Imagine what you can turn out from your next investment. Can not wait to hear from you to show you some great investment properties.
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Paulina helped me find my house and 4 years later sell. She is incredibly professional and gets the job done. Her follow through is amazing! She knows the Las Vegas valley like no other. She is a lot of fun too. She knows the market, well read of the trends,... (more)


As real estate investors, we have worked with many realtors over the years in multiple parts of the country, and Paulina is by all accounts the best realtor with whom we have ever worked. She has helped us purchase two profitable investment properties in Las... (more)


Best Realtor in the Valley. Mrs. McKinney really takes the extra step to make sure all of your needs are met when looking for a home! She showed me over a dozen homes. We love our home, area and nearby schools.

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