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Paulina Mckinney

A Realtor you can trust
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Ready to Sell your house?

You are thinking of selling your house. You have been looking at prices, thought about meeting with you realtor, and you think you might be ready! The only thing is, is that you are not sure if you are really that ready… Do not worry a lot of people feel this way. Here is how to know if it is the right time to sell your home:

Calculate your home equity

Figure out the  remaining balance on your mortgage and what your home is currently worth. If the number is much smaller or of it is negative then I would wait off to sell your house. If it is large this is a great indicator to put your house on the market!

Interest rates on mortgage

Investigating this is really beneficial for you. As of right now interest rates on mortgages are really low. Using this to your advantage can help buyers come knocking on your doorstep and help you if you plan on buying another home.

Your house’s current state

What is your house’s heath at this exact time? Is it ready to be sold? Or is it ready for some major construction? Taking this in will help you figure out a good selling price, if you have a huge backyard but it is in horrible shape or is still in its pebble beginner stage the price will be adjusted to this.

Hope this helps you on your journey on selling your home! If you have any questions call, text, or email me!


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Paulina helped me find my house and 4 years later sell. She is incredibly professional and gets the job done. Her follow through is amazing! She knows the Las Vegas valley like no other. She is a lot of fun too. She knows the market, well read of the trends,... (more)


As real estate investors, we have worked with many realtors over the years in multiple parts of the country, and Paulina is by all accounts the best realtor with whom we have ever worked. She has helped us purchase two profitable investment properties in Las... (more)


Best Realtor in the Valley. Mrs. McKinney really takes the extra step to make sure all of your needs are met when looking for a home! She showed me over a dozen homes. We love our home, area and nearby schools.

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